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On-The-Go VR Rentals

We'll bring VR to you! We set it up, we staff it, you enjoy.


Our mobile VR set-ups are ideal for corporate parties, team-building at your office or at a local venue, at conventions or expos, for product demos and interactive education events and much more. 


Free Roam VR Arenas

Set up the most immersive VR experience available with a mobile Free Roam Arena. Up to six players at one time can be back-to-back fighting zombies, defending a mythical village with a bow & arrow or taking on space robots as a team.

Equipment: Up to six VR headsets and operator PC per arena.

Space Requirements: At least 15ftx15ft of open space for four-headset arena. At least 20ftx20ft of open space for six-headset arena. Larger and multiple arenas available depending on space on-site.

Electrical Requirements: Minimal. Access to at least one outlet.

Pricing: Starting at $500 for two hours & 4 VR headsets within the Greater Nashville Area. Cities outside of this service area may require a travel fee.

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Arcade Game Stations

Bring our library of VR Arcade Games to your next event including popular titles like Angry Birds VR and multiplayer experiences such as Elven Assassin (internet access required for multiplayer).

Equipment: Up to four high-end, wireless headsets, gaming PCs and monitors for spectator viewing

Space Requirements: At least 8ftx8ft of open space per headset. Two headsets can be set up side by side in an 8ftx16ft area. More space is ideal for players. 

Electrical Requirements: Access to at least one outlet per headset.

Pricing: $150/hour per headset (2-hour minimum)

Example: Four Headsets for Two Hours = $600

Not sure which rental option is best for you?

Adventure Science Center Way Late Play D
Client Conference
Walker Stalker Con 2017
Employee Appreciation Day
Geography Bee
LBMC Client Event
Fireball Red Room Event
Con of Thrones 2019
In-office Teambuilding
On-The-Go VR Rentals: Activities
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