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  • Do you have any non-gaming VR content for training or teambuilding?
    Yes! We often work with companies who want to deploy VR training modules or offer a teambuilding activity that's a bit more structured than just interactive games. While we believe a team that fights off virtual zombies together, stays together, there are many more opportunities to utilize VR outside of traditional gaming. Please reach out to us and we will provide suggestions for non-gaming VR options for your group.
  • What age range is this suitable for?
    We have a range of VR content and can customize what we offer based on your age group. In general, our mobile VR rentals are best suited for players 10+ and are especially great for adults and corporate teams. However, we do have a set of games for younger players, ages 6+. For birthday party inquiries and pricing, please reach out to us and note the age range of your group so we can provide you with the most appropriate content for your event.
  • Is there a physical arcade location or are only mobile rentals available?
    Currently, we specialize in mobile VR rentals and do not operate a physical arcade location. Our focus is on bringing the VR experience directly to your event location for maximum convenience and customization.
  • What's required? How much space do I need?
    Mobile VR requires just a few key things: to be indoors, have open space (so players don't hit real-world objects or people outside of headsets) and access to one electrical outlet. The amount of space you need depends on which experience you book. As a general rule of thumb, a 6-headset Free Roam VR Arena (our most popular offering) requires a minimum of 20x20 feet and for the 4-player arena requires at least 15x15 feet.
  • What areas do you serve?
    We primarily serve the Middle Tennessee area, including Nashville, Franklin, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, and surrounding regions. We are also available to travel to areas outside of Middle Tennessee and have been brought in by various conferences and conventions around the country over the years as wall as by various universities and companies in East and West Tennessee. Logistics such as travel, accommodation and additional setup time are considered in the planning and pricing for events outside our primary service area. Please reach out to us for a custom quote.
  • How does it work?
    We bring a high-end VR system directly to your event site, we set up the equipment and we assist players for the duration of the event to ensure everyone has a safe, enjoyable experience. Start by contacting us with details about your event (the type of event, how many attendees you are expecting, the event date and location, etc.) and we'll give you the best VR rental option that will provide the most fun for your group.
  • What type of venues work best for mobile VR?
    We've set up in all kinds of locations from bonus rooms in homes to massive convention center floors. Some of the best venues include: Conference rooms Hotels Churches Office lobbies or employee cafeterias with moveable tables & chairs Traditional event spaces such as concert floors, trade show floors, etc. We just need to be indoors and have a cleared space to ensure VR players don't hit non-players or their real-world surroundings while playing.
  • What type of games do you offer?
    While we can offer a number of VR experiences, we specialize in Free Roam VR, which allows players to walk around in real life to move their character inside the game. Players see each other in VR just as they would in real life; this is how they keep from running into each other. Players can fight off zombies back-to-back, use bows and arrows to defend a mystical tree, zip through space shooting space robots and dodging obstacles and more. Each game session lasts about 10 minutes, allowing multiple groups to experience VR during an event.
  • What is Free Roam VR?
    Unlike other forms of VR, Free Roam VR allows players to physically move in a designated area, mirroring their movements in the virtual world. It enhances the immersive experience, as players can interact with each other in the game as they would in real life.
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