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  • What is The Rabbit Hole VR?
    The Rabbit Hole VR® is Tennessee's premier provider of all things related to virtual reality entertainment. We opened the first VR arcade in Nashville in 2017 to allow gamers and non-gamers alike to enjoy exploring the virtual world in large, open spaces with access to the most immersive VR experiences available today. We now operate the Southeast's largest VR gaming arcade in Franklin, TN inside the TOA Sports Performance Center. We also offer on-the-go rentals for events and conventions, provide VR installations, manage maintenance plans for companies and individuals who own their own VR equipment, repair hardware, specialize in event staffing for VR products/demos and provide training for teams using VR in a professional setting. ​ Basically, if it's related to VR, we're into it!
  • Do I need a reservation to play?
    Yes. Reservations are required and you must make a reservation online before you come in and play: Make a reservation Limited walk-ins may be accepted if our team is already in the arcade with other players when you arrive, but spots tend to book up quickly and/or the arcade may not be open for you without a reservation.
  • How old do you have to be to play?
    All players must be AT LEAST 8 years or older to play our VR Arcade Games and large enough to fit securely in the VR headset. Children with heads that are too small to fit in the headsets or hands too small to fit around the controllers unfortunately are not large enough to play. Players need to be at least 10 years or older to play in the Free Roam VR Arena. It is important to note that the VR headset manufacturer recommends players be at least 13 years or older. However, we allow children as young as 8 to play at The Rabbit Hole VR as long as they meet the mental and physical requirements to operate the headsets on their own and have the ability to follow basic rules that ensure the safety of themselves, other players and the equipment. This means young players should be able to read, listen to directions and maneuver through games independently. We have several fun, family-friendly games available in virtual reality and we will always work with you to ensure games are age-appropriate before the play time begins.
  • I've never been. Where should I start?
    Welcome! We always recommend starting with a VR Arcade Games session. These sessions give you access to our full library of VR Arcade Games at varying difficulty (Easy, Medium and Hard) so you are sure to find something you will enjoy. We offer single-player and multiplayer VR Arcade Games so if you are booking with friends or family, you can all play together, seeing and hearing each other in the virtual world), if you'd like. The 60-Minute VR Arcade Game session is our best-selling experience and ideal for first-time players!
  • What VR experiences do you offer? What's the difference between the VR arcade games and Free Roam Arena?
    VR Arcade Games are our general VR gaming sessions. Choose how long you’d like to play (30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, etc.) and you will have access to 35+ different VR games including popular titles like Fruit Ninja, Space Pirate Trainer, Arizona Sunshine and more. During VR arcade sessions, you don't have to choose just one game! Change games as often as you'd like. You control what you play from within the headset, but our staff is always nearby to make suggestions or help you set up multiplayer games with other players. Each player has their own headset and 12x12ft of open space to move around safely inside the virtual world, but we have several multiplayer games where you can see, hear and interact with each other from within your headsets. Pricing is per player and depends on how long you play. The Free Roam VR Arena puts players in a shared space – this means players will be walking around amongst each other rather than standing in a 12x12ft room-scale space with their VR headsets on. Pricing is $25 per player and includes 3 rounds of your choice of free roam experience. Each round lasts approximately 10-12 minutes. Learn more and book a free roam session here. Regardless of the experience, each person gets their own wireless VR headset at The Rabbit Hole VR. We do not allow headset-swapping for sanitation reasons and we want you to be fully immersed for the duration of your experience!
  • Do I have to sign a liability waiver?
    Yes, all players are required to sign a waiver before they play. Players under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign on their behalf. You will only need to do this on your first visit. ​ Waivers can be found online here.
  • Should I tip my VR Attendant?
    Tips are not expected but always appreciated! Throughout your session, our VR attendants are running from player-to-player in the real world organizing multiplayer games, giving gameplay instructions, troubleshooting technical issues or taking photos of your epic VR adventures on your phone/camera at your request. If your VR attendant(s) helped you have a memorable experience, please feel free to give them a little somethin' somethin'!
  • What should I wear?
    Light-weight, comfortable clothes you can easily move around in and sneakers/flat shoes are recommended. You will be actively playing so heavy clothing and heels may hinder your movement! Glasses with large frames may not fit into the VR headsets so contact lenses are recommended when possible. For optimal comfort, long hair should be worn down rather than in a high bun or ponytail.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Payment is due at the time of booking and we cannot issue refunds within 24 hours of a reservation. If you reach out to us more than 24 hours in advance, we are happy to cancel your reservation and provide a full refund. Once we are within 24 hours of your scheduled play time, refunds are not available and we may not be able to re-schedule your booking due to high volume of other players. A 25% deposit is required for 60-minute, 90-minute and 120-minute VR Arcade Game sessions and are non-refundable within 24 hours of your originally scheduled booking. The remainder of your booking will be paid in person. Parties and events may be rescheduled if you reach out to us at least 48 hours in advance to allow time for staffing changes. Cancellations within 48 hours of a party/event will result in a 50% refund.
  • How do I book a special event or party?
    We frequently host corporate events and birthday parties for guests of all ages. Depending on the number of players you would like to bring in, we have several options for parties and events. For more information about in-arcade party packages, please visit our Parties & Events page.
  • Can I split my VR session between multiple players?
    No, each player has their own VR equipment for the duration of their session and all of our pricing is per player. This is to maintain the high level of sanitation we pride ourselves on (headsets are cleaned thoroughly between every player) and to allow optimal immersion into the VR worlds. Headset swapping may be allowed during private parties when additional staff are on-hand to sanitize equipment. For more information on party packages, please visit our Parties & Events page.
  • Are food & drinks allowed in the arcade?
    For regular reservations, you are welcome to bring in water bottles or sodas as long as they are safely kept in the seating area away from the VR stations. Outside food is not permitted unless you are hosting a party with us. This includes cake, cupcakes, pizza, alcohol and other catering items. For more information on party packages, please visit our Parties & Events page. We do sell beer, ciders and seltzers such as White Claws for guests 21+ but beverages must be consumed before or after a VR session is completed.
  • I'm hosting an event and want to offer VR as an activity. Can you come to me?
    Yes! The Rabbit Hole VR offers on-the-go rentals of virtual reality set-ups for expos, conferences, birthday parties and more in and around Nashville. We bring everything you need to enjoy virtual reality directly to you. We set it up, help players get started in games, sanitize equipment during high-throughput events and make sure everyone has a great time. VR is a great way to bring a unique activity to birthday parties, corporate events and business conferences, family reunions and more. Learn more on our On-The-Go Rentals page.
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