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Take Your Event to the Next Level with VR

Are you looking to make your next event truly unforgettable? We've got you covered with The Rabbit Hole VR Mobile Rentals, Tennessee's #1 virtual reality provider. With our ultra-immersive VR games and experiences, we bring entertainment that's fun for gamers and non-gamers alike. Whether you're planning a corporate teambuilding event, birthday party or trade show, The Rabbit Hole VR can take your event to the next level. Our Mobile Free Roam VR Arenas allow participants to fully walk around in the virtual world just as they would in the real world. Imagine fighting off hordes of zombies back-to-back with your teammates, defending a mythical village or taking on space robots. To set up the VR arena, we just need a minimum of 15ftx15ft or 20ftx20ft of open space, depending on the number of headsets. This ensures that participants have enough room to move around and fully engage with the virtual world. The Rabbit Hole VR provides all the necessary equipment and staffing to ensure a professional and reliable experience. Pricing starts at $500 for two hours and four VR headsets within the Greater Nashville Area. If your event is outside of this service area, there may be additional travel fees. However, the investment is well worth it for the unforgettable experience that VR can provide. University student events, employee appreciation days, company retreats and bachelor parties are all perfect occasions to incorporate VR into your event. Not only does it provide a unique and exciting activity for participants, but it also encourages teamwork and collaboration. Working together to overcome virtual challenges can strengthen bonds and improve communication among team members. In addition to corporate events, VR can also be a hit at birthday parties and trade shows. Imagine the excitement of guests as they step into a virtual world and experience something truly extraordinary. It's a surefire way to make your event stand out and leave a lasting impression on attendees. So why settle for a traditional event when you can take it to the next level with VR? The Rabbit Hole VR helps you create a memorable experience your guests won't soon forget. Contact us today with details about your event to get started!

Tennessee Tech students at mobile VR event provided by The Rabbit Hole VR

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