Free Roam VR Arena

(2-6 players per session, ages 10+)

Ditch the standard VR play area with this next-level virtual reality experience that allows players to walk amongst each other in real life AND inside the virtual world.


Each Free Roam Game Pack comes with your choice of 3 free roam experiences -- each lasting 10-12 minutes for a total of around 30 minutes of ultra immersive gameplay. Try all 3 free roam titles or play the same title 3 times!

Arrowsong VR Game
press to zoom
Dead Ahead VR Game
press to zoom
Cybershock VR Game
press to zoom

Orcs, goblins and a menacing dragon are out to destroy the sacred tree! Can you and your band of heroes stop this evil and bring peace to the fairy realm?

The apocalypse is here! You and your friends make a last stand to defend against the undead. Do you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse?

You and your squad of digital warriors must eradicate the virus that has taken over your system. A fast-paced futuristic shooter with dynamic gameplay elements.