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VR Arena (Franklin Only): Activities

Free Roam VR Arena


2-6 players per session, ages 10+

Ditch the standard VR play area with this next-level virtual reality experience that allows players to walk amongst each other in real life AND inside the virtual world.


Walk around in our 20ftx30ft arena, fight zombies back-to-back with your friends or have a shoot-out in VR laser tag. 

Up to 6 players can play at one time in the arena.



$25/person per session

Each Free Roam VR Session includes your choice of 4 different games with a variety of maps and environments and total gameplay lasting 10-12 minutes for each game.


Try a 3-game pack (~30-35 mins) or stay immersed longer with a 6-game pack (~60-65 mins).

Book 5 players or more for either pack and automatically receive 10% off! ($22.50/person)


This is an open experience and groups smaller than 6 may have other players outside of their group in their game – more players means more firepower!


Want to add Free Roam VR to your arcade or FEC? Contact us to get started.

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