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Tennessee's #1 Virtual Reality Experience

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Select An Experience

Do you want to explore a full library of VR games in our VR Arcade Games or get moving in the Free Roam VR  Arena? Learn about the differences in our FAQs.

Make A Reservation

Secure your VR stations by making a reservation online. All of our pricing is per player so make sure you book a VR station for each person playing.

Get Ready For Fun!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your reservation and come ready to move around – VR is an active gaming experience!

VR Arcades: How It Work Steps
RabbitHole VR player in Franklin arcade


215 Gothic Court, Suite 201

Franklin, TN 37067

Inside the TOA Sports Performance Center

VR Arcades: Choose Location

How It Works

Our VR arcade locations offer a variety of virtual experiences for both novices and expert gamers. 


To make a reservation, use our online booking system to select your preferred VR experience, number of players and date/time then confirm payment to complete your booking. 

For every experience, each player gets their own VR headset and play space. Players cannot share headsets during a VR session for sanitation reasons. 


When you arrive, you'll watch a quick training video to learn how to play safe in VR and sign a liability waiver. Don't worry -- as long as you follow the instructions in the training video, you'll be safe and sound! 


Our VR attendants will get you loaded into your VR headset, help you set up multiplayer games and be available to answer questions and give you tips throughout your session. 

VR Arcades: How It Works Text
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