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Why You Don't Need to Be a Gamer to Have Fun in VR at The Rabbit Hole

Updated: Jun 5

Virtual reality can sometimes seem like an activity reserved for gamer kids and tech gurus. But at The Rabbit Hole VR, our goal is to shatter that perception! You don't need a trophy case full of gaming accolades to enjoy VR at The Rabbit Hole -- or to have even played a video game within the last 20 years! All you need is to be ready to get immersed and open to having fun.

Epic Experiences -- Handpicked for Everyone

We've hand-selected and tested an array of VR games and chosen only the best experiences to offer at our arcade. Our library has something for everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned gamers. The focus is on intuitive gameplay and clear objectives, ensuring that anyone can jump in and start having fun right away.

We've also siphoned out the VR experiences that can cause motion sickness due to wonky movements or low frame rates. For guests who do want to try more risky games, we keep a few of these titles on our VR Arcade Games menu under the 'Hard' section, but these are always labeled so you don't get caught off-guard with a game that might make you feel nauseous.

Our Team is Your VR Guide

Our team is passionate about VR and eager to share this with every visitor. From the moment we help you into your headset, our staff is there to guide you, making sure your VR journey is seamless and rewarding. We pride ourselves on creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere and we don't want any of our guests to feel that VR is frustrating or confusing. So even though it's a little more work on our end, we take a hands-on approach to ensure your first VR experience is a great one.

Hop into Multiplayer

VR is more fun with friends! If you are hesitant about trying VR, we've found that going in with a group can help ease your nerves. With cooperative games like Private Property or

Dead Ahead in our Free Roam VR Arena, your team can help carry you through while you are picking up the controls and acclimating to the virtual world. You can always see your other

teammates and sometimes just seeing and talking others in VR is half of the experience!

A Fresh Approach to Outings and Events

Looking to shake up the usual routine for family gatherings, date nights or corporate events? Give VR a try at The Rabbit Hole. Because you don't need to be a gaming expert and we do offer a vast library of games and experiences, everyone in your group is sure to find a something they love. VR offers an entirely new perspective on what group activities can be and we'd be honored to be ones to show you how deep the rabbit hole goes!

Ready to give it a try? Book your VR experience with us today to get started.

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