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Why visit a VR Arcade?

Everyone is talking about virtual reality these days! Especially after Facebook acquired Oculus, one of the main VR hardware manufacturers in the world, and rebranded as Meta, many people have tried VR or have their own headset at home. Luckily for us, this just means players are more familiar with VR than when we first opened our doors in 2017. There are several reasons you can't miss The Rabbit Hole VR if you're looking for a fun and unique experience in Middle Tennessee.

You may not want to invest in a headset just to play occasionally.

There are still quite a few barriers to entry if you'd like to play VR at home. Expensive equipment, technical knowledge required and having enough space to play safely are just a few. Additionally, we hear tales from customers all the time of VR headsets and PCs that were purchased just to end up collecting dust after a month. If you want to enjoy VR without investing the time and money in a home set-up, VR arcades like The Rabbit Hole VR offer top-notch experiences without the hassle.

Play with others in virtual reality.

VR by yourself is good. VR with others is GREAT. VR arcades allow you to play with your friends, family or co-workers without each person having to own their own equipment. We offer several multiplayer/group games where players can see, hear and talk to each other, either working together on the same team or going head-to-head in player vs. player experience. The Rabbit Hole VR aims to make VR social, active and fun with a wide variety of massive multiplayer games.

We offer games and experiences you can't play at home.

While we do carry fan favorites like Job Simulator and Arizona Sunshine, we also offer a multitude of games and experiences that are not available to the home market. This includes arcade-exclusive games like Private Property, which allows up to 8 players to work together to defend their farm from hordes of zombies, and our Free Roam Arena games that allow players to physically walk around in the real world to control their in-game characters. These experiences are designed exclusively for entertainment venues such as The Rabbit Hole VR.

It's an experience.

For the same reason that you may enjoy visiting the movie theater even though you can watch a movie at home, The Rabbit Hole VR is an experience. We strive to immerse you into a futuristic world from the time you enter the arcade from the time you leave, making the arcade an ideal venue for birthday parties, corporate teambuilding events, date night or family outings.

Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Book your VR session today and let's play!

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