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First-Time Visitors: Where to start at The Rabbit Hole VR

Updated: Jul 21

Whether you are an avid gamer who loves experiencing the latest gaming technology or a total newbie who hasn't touched a video games since Pac-Man, The Rabbit Hole VR has a variety of ways to have fun in virtual reality. But with multiple different ways to experience VR at The Rabbit Hole, it can be difficult to choose where to start. So we've outlined each of our experiences here to help guide your first visit!

VR Arcade Games

  • Great for first-time and return players

  • Single-player and multiplayer games

  • Must be 8 years or older and big enough to securely fit in the VR equipment (at least 4-foot-tall)

  • Up to 12 players can play at one time

If it is your first time visiting us, we always recommend our VR Arcade Games. With VR Arcade Game sessions, you can choose how long you’d like to play (30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, etc.) and you will have access to 35+ different VR games including popular titles like Fruit Ninja, Space Pirate Trainer, Arizona Sunshine and more. During you session, you change games as often as you'd like, allowing you to hop from single-player experiences into multiplayer games with friends with the push of a button. Once you're in a game together, you can see, hear and interact with each other in the virtual world.

You control what you play from within the headset, but our staff is always nearby to make suggestions or help you set up multiplayer games with other players. Each player has their own headset and 12x12ft of open space to move around safely. Pricing is per player and depends on how long you play. Learn more about VR Arcade Games and book a session here.

VR Escape Games

  • Played in groups of 2 or 4

  • Must be 10 years or older

  • Start with "Escape The Lost Pyramid"

We also offer VR Escape Games. VR Escape Games must be played in groups of 2 or 4 and you have up to 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and make your escape. Unfortunately, the games do not allow for odd numbered groups of 3 or 5 because everyone is required to have a partner to complete the puzzles. The VR Escape Games are played on the same headsets and in the same space as the VR Arcade Games. We do not recommend VR Escape Games for first-time players. They are intermediate-level experiences that expect players to already have a base knowledge of how to move and interact in the room-scale VR world without colliding into walls.

VR Escape Game players must also be 10 years or older to ensure they are tall enough to reach all of the objects in the game and understand the puzzles as they play. "Escape The Lost Pyramid" is the first game in the series, so you will want to be sure you have completed the first open before you book the second game,"Beyond Medusa's Gate" as they do increase in difficulty and build upon each other. Pricing is $40 per player. Learn more and book a VR Escape Game here.

Free Roam VR

  • The most freedom VR has to offer

  • Must be 10 years or older and big enough to securely fit in the VR equipment (at least 4-foot-tall)

  • Up to 6 players

The Free Roam VR Arena puts players in a shared space – this means players will be walking around amongst each other rather than standing in a 12x12ft room-scale space with their VR headsets on. Our headsets track players so that when you move in the game, you move in real life. You also see fellow players in real time so you can avoid hitting or bumping into one another while walking around.

Pricing is $25 per player and includes three rounds of your choice of free roam experience from shooting zombies in the post-apocalyptic thriller Dead Ahead to donning bows and arrows in the fantastical fairyland of Arrowsong. Play one round of each experience or three rounds of the same game -- it's up to you! Each round lasts approximately 10-12 minutes. Learn more and book a free roam session here.

See a 6-player group play here! Buy your recorded sessions for $10 per session and have it sent to you as a digital download. Regardless of the experience, we are fully wireless at The Rabbit Hole VR and every player gets their own VR headset for the duration of their session.

Still have questions? We're happy to help! Email us at hello@therabbitholevr.com.

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