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Beat Saber Tournament, August 2022

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

EDIT: This tournament has ended. Congratulations to our winners!

Final Scores

1st Place: Jesse Watson - 685,206

2nd Place: James Bryant - 642,894

3rd Place: Hunter Feller - 635,062

Beat Saber is BACK for a limited time with this highly competitive tournament! If you've been practicing at home, now is your chance to show off your skills and take home some prizes.

Cost to Enter: $10 per person. There is no limit to how many times you can enter, however, only one of your attempts will count as your final entry score. The cost to re-enter and try again is $5.

How to Register: To register, you can reserve a timeslot through our booking system or walk in and pay in person. Please note walk-ins may have a wait time.


How It Works/Tournament Rules:

1. Participants will play two of the game's most popular songs ("Escape" from OST 1 + "Magic" from OST 5) from start to finish on Hard difficulty with No Fail mode enabled, two-handed mode and at regular song speed.

Your final score for both will be recorded and tallied up to give you an overall score.

2. Participants will be allowed one practice run at a lower difficulty (if they'd like) with no fail on to get accustomed to the song and our VR equipment.

NOTE: We use standard HTC Vive headsets and controllers, which have a different weight than Oculus Quest/Rift controllers that you may have at home.

3. Winners will be announced via social media on Monday, 8/15 and contacted directly after the tournament to collect their prizes.

4. In the event of a technical issue (headset disconnection, software crash, etc.), Rabbit Hole VR staff will reset the game and the player will be able to start that turn over. By entering the tournament, all participants agree to defer to Rabbit Hole VR staff on if their turn should be restarted.

5. A VR attendant will assist all players with getting into and out of the VR headsets – even if you have prior experience at home – to ensure equipment safety.

6. All participants must be 8 years or older.

7. Beat Saber is NOT offered at The Rabbit Hole VR as part of our regular VR Arcade Games due to limited licensing options. Entry fees go toward prizes for participants.


1st Place: Cash pool of entry fees up to $100 (and the GLORY of being Middle TN's best Beat Saber player)

2nd Place: One-Year LVL 100 Club Membership at The Rabbit Hole VR ($100 value)

3rd Place: Two Free Roam VR sessions at The Rabbit Hole VR ($50 value)

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