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3 Fun VR Activities for Your Company Holiday Party

A staff holiday party is a great way for companies to show their appreciation for the hard work their team has put in all year.

Often times, though, it's the same activity year after year: an escape game, bowling, golf, an in-office gathering with groups of co-workers awkwardly huddling together and Mariah Carey echoing in the background... As much fun as that is, consider a virtual reality experience for your crew if you are looking to change it up this year!

Here are three fun virtual reality activities to consider for your corporate holiday party this year.

  1. Encourage teamwork with co-operative group games. Virtual reality games are the most fun when shared with friends and co-workers. Encourage your team to work together toward a common goal in fast-paced games like Private Property and Dead Ahead, defending their town from an onslaught of zombies. If zombie-slaying isn't your group's cup of tea, games like CookOut: A Sandwich Tale require players to communicate and to help each other assemble recipes in a virtual kitchen. Work together to serve the orders on time or your diners will get angry and leave!

  2. Break the ice with friendly competition. PvP (player versus player) VR games allow teams to let loose and enjoy some friendly competition with less pressure than in real life. Team-based games like Kyber Knights (VR laser tag) and Winter Break (virtual snowball fighting) are great for pitting departments against each other to see which internal team will come out on top. Conversely, free-for-all games like RevolVR (another laser tag-type game) and Loco Dojo (competitive mini games) are set up as every-man-for-himself with the final victor standing at the top. Whatever type of competition your group is looking for, there is a fun VR game to enjoy while securing some bragging rights along the way.

  3. Bring VR to your office or other party venue. If you are hosting your holiday event at the office or at another venue, consider bringing virtual reality to the party on-site. VR is almost as much fun to watch as it is to play, and setting up a VR station for people to try throughout the night is a great way to get people engaged and talking with one another. Single-player games typically work best for on-site rentals, and it's always a blast watching someone swipe around in Fruit Ninja VR or fly around in Google Earth VR.

At The Rabbit Hole VR, we specialize in using virtual reality to create epic experiences for teams big and small. We’re more than an arcade; we’re an entertainment venue. This holiday season, consider treating your employees to the ultimate corporate holiday party experience with a trip to our VR Arcade in Cool Springs or by bringing VR to your party off-site with our On-The-Go VR Rentals.

To book your corporate party with us, reach out at with your target date and expected number of attendees to receive package options and pricing.

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