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VR as an Attraction

Virtual reality solutions for FECs, amusement parks, fun centers and more.

It's all fun and games... until it's your bottom line.  

Operating an FEC means you're in the business of fun! But it's still a business. You need attractions that offer great memories for guests and revenue for you.

Choosing the right VR attraction is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

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Select the right VR system the first time. We help you determine which VR attraction will perform best at your location and design the set-up so you can evolve as the technology changes rather than make a new investment every few years.


Whether you opt for an attended or unattended VR set-up, it's crucial that your staff knows how to properly clean equipment, maintenance headsets and interact with guests while they are in the virtual world. Our team can provide manuals, online or in-person training sessions to get your staff up to speed.


Your regular arcade tech likely won't be able to install VR equipment or troubleshoot technical issues. We will get you operational quickly and efficiently so you can start capitalizing on your new VR venture.


When what's on the market isn't quite right, we can help you develop, design and create a custom VR experience for your location or as part of your marketing efforts.

The Rise of VR Entertainment


Virtual Reality is one of the fastest growing attraction segments for FECs, but selecting a VR experience that's immersive for guests, easy to operate for staff and profitable for owners can be a challenge.

We're here to help.


our services



Creating a VR or AR experience for the LBE market is very different from developing for the home market. We know what makes a great game for first-time users, exciting for return players and easy to operate for facilities so they encourage their customers to play your game. More plays = more licensing revenue for you.


Got a great VR experience or platform to share with the masses? Our tech-savvy team is already trained on all major VR hardware and software to provide technical direction and set-up for trade shows around the country. You focus on networking and looking good. We’ll handle troubleshooting and logging leads.


We create comprehensive go-to-market strategies and marketing asset packs for VR/AR products that will get you in front of operators worldwide, leading to more users, more licensing opportunities and more revenue.

What makes a great VR attraction?

We analyze VR experiences based on 3 key factors:

  1. Immersive Guest Experience

  2. Ease of Use for the Operator

  3. Throughput & ROI

Why work with us?


We know what makes a VR attraction successful for operators because we've been operators.

While some consultants and distributors recommend products based on hype and hearsay, we have hands-on experience to back up our insights. We've had to adapt our business along the way, so we've developed a knack for future-forecasting VR for location-based entertainment to save you time, money and from the mistakes we made so you don't have to. 
We'll always recommend the best experience for your location -- not just any company that's cutting us a check -- and train you on how to optimize VR for higher ROI within your space.
We recently expanded our business to virtual reality entertainment and quickly had many issues with our equipment. Despite having a well-rounded expertise in computers, we still struggled. Thankfully, we reached out to The Rabbit Hole VR. We were a little skeptical thinking their consulting wouldn’t help us. But after working with them, they were able to provide many trade secrets, tips, and advice to help us with our issues. They have years of experience from working in the virtual reality industry, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.
- Sean Quinlan, Hilo Laser Tag LLC

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